Dawn Patrol refers to a surfer’s arrival to the beach at sunrise. The inclusion of the word “patrol” is idiosyncratic with the common conception of the casual surf attitude; however, the connotation of some militaristic mission impossible is justified. Watch a surfer set off into the ocean with intent on accomplishment, your point of view of surfers changes forever. When it comes to the dawn patrol, surfers are soldiers…soldiers of fortune. If they are fortunate enough, the morning mission will yield big results.  – Johnny Utah

With that speech, given at the first Dawn Patrol and presented again this morning on the first anniversary, Utah handed over the Dawn Patrol shovel flag to new site Q’s, YHC and a vacationing Costco. It should be noted that Heavy Metal regular Epoxy was moved to tears by this presentation, even though the speech, with multiple syllable words like “idiosyncratic” and “militaristic”, went way over his iron-pumping head. This is a thinking man’s workout. And it will move you.

But even with the flag hand-off ceremony complete, Utah was not finished. And he led the PAX of 15 out to the beach for a little warm-up, surf camp style.

Jog to baseball field 2
SSH x20
Standard Merkins x10
The Paddle Out
The Duck Dive
And with that, Utah was done. And YHC took the lead. Here’s the rest of the Thang:

Surf Camp on Utah Beach
Run to the infield fence
People’s Chair x5 count per PAX
10 Burpees OYO
Sprint to outfield fence
Balls to the Wall
LBCs x20
10 Burpees OYO
Sprint to backstop fence
People’s Chair x3 count per PAX
Prisoner Squats x30
LBCs x20
10 Burpees OYO
Sprint to outfield fence
Balls to the Wall
Flutter Kicks x40
Prisoner Squats x30
LBCs x20
10 Burpees OYO
Sprint to backstop fence
People’s Chair PAX count-off

Luau at the Tiki Hut
Run to the Shelter
10 Jump Ups OYO
Diamond Dirkins x10
Dips x15
Hang-Tens x10
Repeato x3

The Long Road Home
Run to end of Wooded Trail
Plank for all to arrive
Hokie Pokie (aka The Epoxy Special) x7standard x7right x7left
Run wooded trail around lake
Plank at bottom of hill for all to finish
Bear Crawl hill to field behind building

•  Sign-up here to Q Dawn Patrol. Happy to find a Co-Q if you’re new to Q-ing.
•  July 4th Convergences at Juggernaut and Late Night, 7am
•  Mud Run sign-up now. Don’t wait til the last minute. The Nimble Panda is in play!
•  The Mule is October 25th. Save the date. More info coming soon.
Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family and Dufresne (rest in peace brother)
New Mexico lead us out in prayer

Epoxy and Gnard Dogg’s traveling circus arrived in matching blue shirts. So cute.
Emotional Epoxy still choked up about the flag ceremony even at the end of the workout.
Chong has brought the fivefingers out of storage. Moves like nimble cheetah once again.
Screech was pure gangster in his dew rag. This man is serious. Or just a big Axl Rose fan.
Utah cursed YHC during the 4th round of Surf Camp, leading to a few extra counts. Then YHC completely forgot to count once beginning the next exercise. Score one for mumble chatter.
Maize (Heavy Metal regular) brought out the Nimble Panda for all to see, or just to boost his ego.
Costco has the Q on July 3rd. Be there.