The F3 Durham pax would like to invite you to attend the F3 Durham Dirty Dozen (also known amongst our marketing crew as F3 D3), Nov. 7-12.

You probably remember the 6 pack.  You probably remember F3 Chapel Hill’s Hell Week.  You probably remember The Bull.  It’s like those, but all together in one week.

Here’s the deal: 6 days, 6 workouts, 6 extra credits.  Each day will focus on a different theme or muscle group.  Each day is our site Qs’ best efforts to give your soul a swift kick to the groin.  The culmination of this is The Bull City Beatdown, which is the 4 year anniversary of F3 Durham, and the annual F3 Churham Pig Pickin’.  You don’t want to miss this!

Who: You…actually, it’s probably not for you…too difficult…but you’re welcome to try
What: 6 workouts, 6 extra credits, then eating some pig (see below also)
When: Nov. 7 – 12.  M-F extra credits start 0500, main events start 0530
Monday Nov. 7 – Devil’s Ridge (Merkins)
Extra credit (0500):
Main event (0530):

Tuesday Nov. 8 – The Big Dance (Legs)
Extra credit (0500) and main event (0530):

Wednesday Nov. 9 – House of Pain (HEAVY metal)
Extra credit (0500) and main event (0530):

Thursday Nov. 10 – Tobacco Road (Pullups/ark loading)
Extra credit (0500) and main event (0530):

Friday Nov. 11 – THE Falcon (Cardio)
Extra credit (0500) and main event (0530):

Saturday Nov. 12 – The Bull City Beatdown (Pain, just pain)
Extra credit (0530) and main event (0600): (***NOTE DIFFERENT SITE THAN USUAL***)

Saturday Nov. 12 – 3rd Annual F3 Churham Pig Pickin’
Noon – park near here
Please sign up here as well if you’re coming:

Why: Because it’s there…
How: I honestly don’t know

Hope to see you all out there!


Riggs and the F3 D3 planning committee