Preblast – @F3TriangleGRC Training – September 25

What:    @F3TriangleGRC Training Extended Ruck
When:   09/25/15 at 21:00 (9:00 pm)
Where:  TBD (Raleigh)

Pack your rucks with your bricks (or plates), fill your hydration bladders, make sure your headlamps have fresh batteries, strap on your shoes and other gear for an extended ruck to train for the 10/17/15 GRC.  This will be the third and final extended ruck leading up to the GRC (July in Churham, August in Raleigh, September in TBD).  This will be a good test of your gear, a chance to try out your food options, and make any adjustments in preparation before the GRC.  We advise packing for this extended ruck just as you would for the GRC.

We will launch at 21:00 (9:00 pm) and finish after 01:00 (1:00 am).  Our launch point will be announced closer to 09/25/15.  As White Shoe shared during our informational meeting at the Player’s Retreat in April, any ruck less than four hours is a waste of time.

Below is a link to the packing list from GORUCK for the GRC.  Feel free to contact your fellow PAX about any gear recommendations.

GORUCK Challenge Packing List

Aside from shoes, bricks, plates, and rucks, one item many have found helpful is a football shirt with padding on the shoulders and ribs.  This helps add a little cushion and wicks water away easily.  This isn’t the only option, but one of several.

Nike Pro Combat Padded Football Shirt

Sound off in the comments if you are a HC so we are able to prepare for your arrival.

QIC: ?
Workout Date: 09/25/15
The PAX: You


  1. Wendell Gee

    HC, but it says it will end “after 1 am” – I don’t want to do 2 GoRucks or even a half GoRuck, just some extended training that will not ruin my weekend. Some of us have solo parenting duties the next day and others of us have Louisiana-Monroe … and where are all the HCs in my skill level?

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