Fartleks Raise Quite a Stink

PAX of 14 assembled downtown Cary for YHC’s VQ, on a moist Thursday morning.  Little did they know the stinky treat that awaited.


Jog to bank, circle up.  SSH; GM; MC; IW; Windmill; arm circles.  Q sneaks in not-so-subtle weinke peek.  Q’in ain’t easy but it’s necessary?

The Thang, part one, on the stone blocks @ the bank:

  • Little Man Jumping Jack x10
  • Left/Right Step-Ups x20
  • Urkins x10
  • Prisoner Squats x20
  • Dips x10
  • Derkins x10
  • Repeato

Recover, and jog circuitously to the Academy Street Post Office, where YHC reveals Thang, part deux after counting off 1s/2s:

  • 1’s jog to the first street light down Academy toward the steps, then sprint to the second one, jog and sprint back.  I think I used the term “run” instead of “jog” but that didn’t last more than one repetition, YHC included.
  • 2’s stay back and do 10x merkin / 10x LBC / repeat until everyone’s back.  Flapjack.
  • Repeat whole thing 3 more times, going one more pair of street lights each time, or until you run out of street. Deliciously paired with Dip / Box Jump; Burpee / Carolina Dry Dock; Apolo Ohno / Hand-release mirkin.  Spirited discussion on proper Apolo Ohno form.

Nobody being in the mood to jog any further, we stayed @ post office for Mary:  American Hammer, Dying Cockroach, WW2 sit-up, plank 5-count around circle.

Naked moleskin:

  • After the second set of dirkins, PAX held the plank and went around the circle answering the question “how long have you been doing F3 and who got you started?”  Perhaps it was the blood pooling in YHC’s brain, but my best intentions of remembering who’s been at it longest were not realized.  I did hear Wonk and Denali mentioned more than a few times.  All good things. #withusinspirit
  • Banjo correctly identified ThangPartDeux as “Fartlek”, a Swedish word translated as “speed play,” employed mainly by runners, YHC inclusive. So what if we turned it more into an interval session? I think this is the only way YHC’s Swedish heritage can be employed for torture. #noLutefisk


  • #2ndF tonight @ Pharmacy around the block from our AO.  Be there to rehydrate.
  • @MaBell super-Q next week – not to be missed. Last post in Cary as a 40-something.


  • Billy’s 2.0 having surgery Friday.

YHC took us out.  Thanks for the opportunity to learn, lead, and grow.

QIC: Bartman
Workout Date: 05/28/15
The PAX: Franklin, McCants, Nabisco, Goose, Riptide, Billy, Grease Monkey, Saban, Banjo, Ma Bell, Gut, Sputnik, Surcharge


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