croquet alice

The Croquet Set

We are working in the three giant rings this week. Who doesn’t want to run through a huge ring? #crowdcontrol

The Thang:

Partner Up – Similar speed.

Run the greenway and turn left on the blue course. Run the whole thing until you get to the barn structure at the beginning of the loop.

Partner A- Run to the end of the croquet rings (farthest from the barn) and run through the rings back to the barn.

Partner B- On the loading dock – 10 burpees, 20 cross-fit merkins, 30 prisoner squats, and 40 LBCs – Wall sits until your partner gets back.


Stop at 6:05 and run the entire blue loop back to the parking lot.

Come out and push your partner to go faster!
Let’s see if we can get more than nine people (if we do it again, I’m buying a lotto ticket #forthekids with all 9s).

5:30 – NC Museum of Art. Front parking lot. Do it, do it!