22 PAX came out to Pullen Park Saturday morning for a beat-down in the wet grass and soft soil, dominated by rock-work and infused with boxing-themed exercises. Effort was high and camaraderie even higher, as all PAX encouraged each other to get through an hour of exercises in the wet/foggy morning to start their weekend – strong work by all!

25 Side-shuffle hop
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Mountain-climbers
20 Sir Fazio Arm Circles
20 Mahktar N’Diayes (Chilcutt-to-plank position)

Run around lake at Pullen – stop at each quarter:
10 burpees
20 prisoner squats
30 Merkins
Plank it out

Run to valley behind picnic tables – Partner-up.
Partner 1 bear crawl to top of mulch hill and do 5 incline-Merkins on rail, run down – flap-jack;
Partner 2 does LBCs – then Reverse LBCs – then WWII sit-ups (3 sets of hill and abs by everyone)

Run to rock pile – select medium sized rock
Curls (15)
Shoulder Press (15)
Tris (15)

Jack Webbs with rocks (10/1 to 1/10)

Run WITH ROCK to bottom of hill
Partner 1 ascend hill with rock, 3 rockees at top (burpees with the rock), circle back to bottom of hill – flap-jack;
Partner 2 does Long Slow Flutter – then Rosalitas – then Heels to Heaven (3 sets of hill/abs by everyone)

Jog to tennis courts:
3 suicide sprints – Partner 1 sprint while Partner 2 Balls-to-Wall; People’s Chair; Balls-to-Wall with 3 merkins; flap-jack

Run back to entrance of Pullen for Mary:
Dying cockroach (20)
Ski-abs (15)
Muhammad Ali’s (20)
Balboa’s (1-handed merkins) (8)