6.5 PAX took off for a nice run on the hills of Umstead on a well beaten path we have known to love as Endorphin.

Horse Flies were MIA, runners were going strong and at the end- we got a visit from Sharknado.  Luckily this faithful member of F3 Raleigh didn’t get his named changed, but keep a lookout for Sharknado at future workouts.

Let me explain the .5 we had.  There are 3 groups that run out of Umstead early morning, we all sort of show up at the same time, except today we poached a RTR runner.  So is he a FNG, why a .5?  Well he ran the first 3 miles with us, then took off on his own to his the single track trails.  He had some genuine interest in F3 and as we were wrapping up COT and getting ready for a closing prayer, he shows up again and joins us as we close out.

tclaps to Spurrier and Kanye for big improvements on this run over the last 3 months!