We arrived at the NC Museum of Art and launched with 8 Pax members. YHC was a bit disappointed we didn’t hit our nine person quota. Well, here comes Sunshine peddling up on his ozone saver. All was right with the world. Nine. No more, no less come out to The Judge. Let’s see what the rest of you jokers missed:

– Ran 3.96 miles;
– 50 burpees;
– 100 cross-fit merkins (hand release);
– 150 prisoner squats;
– 200 LBCs.


– We had several new faces at The Judge this morning. Welcome Shaggy #bionicman, Ventura, Sun Country, Sunshine, and Au Pair #headbands.
– King David can kill a bat with one of his leg kicks. Ask him about it.
– Au Pair is a phenomenal partner if you want someone to bring you a headband. If you are looking for someone to run your gums with on the run in (I’m a talker), he’s terrible. Ha. Just kidding. Nice work this morning! See you next week!
– Shaggy’s got some serious knee braces. Think Jack Taylor from Major League. Don’t let those things slow you down brother.
– New Mexico ran every light from the Quay to Raleigh to make it on time. #citizensarrest

– Bowling next Thursday. Free food. Everybody wins!

– Cinderella’s new baby girl and Hushpuppies family.

Thanks for coming this morning!

Always an honor to start my day with the men of F3,