YHC was greeted by 2 pax prior to starting, 1 additional as we began.

The Thang:

4 corners of Moore Square: Good Mornings x 15 at the first, I/W’s x 15 at the 2nd, SSH x 15 at the 3rd, and merkins x 15 to finish.  Enough waiting, we got our jog just about on when we noticed Cujo running to join us, we stopped at the corner of Blount & Hargett for some peoples chair while we waited.  After Cujo arrived and found the proper position on the wall, we began to jog north, away from the parking decks so frequent to Metamorphosis.

One block up and one over we found ourselves upon the grounds of our state capital, where we would stay for a while.  First stop find some of the lush fescue so nicely manicured for some WWII sit ups x 15, karaoke from there to our next walkway intersection for ski abs x 15, backwards run to what i think was the Vietnam statue find a spot on the wall for french dips x 15, L/R step ups x 15, and erkins x 15.  Jog down the next path and find a spot on the curb for quick feet x 15, mini dips x 15.  Jog back up to he walkway around the building for a closer look. Karaoke the sides and backwards run the ends with 10 merknis at each corner OYO.  Next loop alterneting lunges at each corner but the 2nd where the Q called an audible to merkins.

It was great to spend some time visiting our state capital, time to head down to the work place of several of the Raleigh pax, the state legislature on Jones street.  As we arrived find a spot on the ledge for dips x 15.  Jog to the south east corner find a spot on a column for peoples chair with our arms moving between the up and straight out position as we count through the pax a few times.  Head to the next corner stopping on the way to do L/R step ups x 15, squats x 15 at the corner.  Head to the next corner for derkins on the planter x 15, bypass the next corner and make our way back to the capital.

Mary: Back to the comfortable carpet of fresh grass for WWII sit ups x 15, LBC’s (or BLT’s for Cujo) x 15, Capital City Hammers x 15, 6 inches for a 10 count through the pax. Done!

COT:  YHC continues to be thankful for the sharpening of the men of F3 and reminded the pax to take the lessons we are learning in the gloom and apply them to the rest of our lives. Velvet shared with us about a local runner who even in the face of failing to achieve a prominent goal he had set, he sought that God was still glorified in the situation.  A great reminder that God’s promises are not just for the good or the tough times, but for all times, Romans 8:28.

Cinderella led us out in prayer, then a fellowship pace back to Moore Square to make sure Cinderella’s M had not gone into labor while we were in the gloom.

As always YHC enjoyed his time downtown and seeing a different site than a parking deck.  With a change of schedule YHC will soon have to amend his workout schedule with Wednesday’s & Saturday’s out of the rotation for 3 weeks out of each month.  If anyone is interested in a new Thursday workout meeting at Seaboard station and utilizing downtown for a f3 beat down, let me know.