A pax of 14 gathered to do the thang this morning at Ethanol. Methodical PAIN delivered by¬†Cherrie Berry. Grillz brings 4 FNGs in one shot. Expect that’s a record!

This is how it went down…

Warm up:

SSH x30, mountain climbers x30, sir Fazio arm circles x15x15

Jog the sidewalk loop around the park to picnic tables

irkins x15, step ups x15, derkins x15, step ups x15, dips x15, step ups x15

Indian run 2 laps around outside sidewalk and end at rock pile.

rock curl x15, rock squat x15, rock press x15, ticep extension x15, squats x15

Count off 1’s & 2’s

1’s lunge walk to soccer goal and sprint back, 2’s squats

1’s bear crawl to soccer goal and sprint back, 2’s merkins

1’s sprint down and back, 2’s lbc’s

finished with some Mary exercises



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  • Afraid Grillz can take credit for only half the FNGs. One who didn’t make the backblast is Squid (last name Converse, which is why Chuck Taylor would’ve been a great F3 name but alas was not accepted).

  • I have been reading up that there is a 1:10,000,000 kink in the genetic code that when present is the base building block of a loud and obnoxious pie-hole! We are fortunate to have a few of these kink codes and subsequent persons as members of Raleigh F3; and Ethanol played host to one just this morning. A tall dude who runs funny and grew up in Orange County.

  • One of the FNGs, whose hospital name is Tim Nelson, was given the F3 name Brick. We know he loves lamp, but don’t know if he loves Lamp. Steroid, who loves lamp and Lamp, was not there. Orwell, who couldn’t even complete the arm circles, left about 15 minutes in.

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