6 Pax kicked off the newly coined Possum Trot workout in the humid muck.  We welcomed back Imp for his second F3 work out of the week.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Lap around the park, SSH X30, Imperial WalkersX25, Mtn Climbers X15, Fazio Arm Circles X 20, Merkin X 20.

10 min M-Run on the 4 Tennis Courts- included karaoke, shuffles, hops, sprints last 2 mins all out sprint

People’s Chair-1 min 30 seconds, Curb Hops X 30, The Dip X 20, People’s Chair -2 mins, Quick Feet X 40, Durkins X 15, People’s Chair Max, Quick Feet Max, Dips Max, Balls to the Wall Max

Mary- WWII Sit Ups X15, LBCs X30, Homer to Marge X 20, Merkin- Max

COT- Shaggy Challenge, Bret Michael’s taking over Site Q for Mutiny and New Mexico taking over site Q for Possum Trot.

Prayer Requests- New Mexico asked that we pray for his wife Stella’s Cousin Sandee who’s having Brain surgery tomorrow and Stella’s Aunt Cassie who’s having open heart surgery next week.  Howard asked that we continue to pray for them now regarding placement for their first assignment.