6 Pax kicked off the newly coined Possum Trot workout in the humid muck.  We welcomed back Imp for his second F3 work out of the week.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Lap around the park, SSH X30, Imperial WalkersX25, Mtn Climbers X15, Fazio Arm Circles X 20, Merkin X 20.

10 min M-Run on the 4 Tennis Courts- included karaoke, shuffles, hops, sprints last 2 mins all out sprint

People’s Chair-1 min 30 seconds, Curb Hops X 30, The Dip X 20, People’s Chair -2 mins, Quick Feet X 40, Durkins X 15, People’s Chair Max, Quick Feet Max, Dips Max, Balls to the Wall Max

Mary- WWII Sit Ups X15, LBCs X30, Homer to Marge X 20, Merkin- Max

COT- Shaggy Challenge, Bret Michael’s taking over Site Q for Mutiny and New Mexico taking over site Q for Possum Trot.

Prayer Requests- New Mexico asked that we pray for his wife Stella’s Cousin Sandee who’s having Brain surgery tomorrow and Stella’s Aunt Cassie who’s having open heart surgery next week. ¬†Howard asked that we continue to pray for them now regarding placement for their first assignment.