Hot and muggy, did I mention Humid?, in the early morning light, we set out on our journey around the track.  16 Pax, with many site first-timers, made their way down to the track for our kinda fun in the Gloom.

The thang

1/2 mile of warm-up laps including high knees, karaoke each way, and 3 accelerations on the straights.
Circle-o-stretches.  Good Mornings x 13, Imperial Walkers x 13, Windmills x 20

And for the fun.

3 sets of 200 @ R, 200 jog, 200 @ R, 200 jog, 800 @ R, 400 jog.

R-Pace is “Mile Race” pace and should be challenging.  Once the bar was set with a 200 time, it was difficult to fathom hitting the 800 at the same pace.  I noticed some fading in the final sets, but this is where the real work comes in.  To keep pace when you are clearly fatigued is a way to build character and learn to finish a 5k or 10k with a kick.

Final 400 m cool-down jog, and then Name-o-Rama.


    • Welcome to FNG – Shades (Wendell Gee 2.0).  Well done – stay with it and the final laps will get easier… slightly easier.
    • Good luck to the 15+ PAX competing running in the Komen 5k this Saturday.  You should shoot for 30 – 40 sec per mile slower than your mile time as your goal 5k time.  6:00 mile = 6:35/mi as 5k pace = 20:30 5k time.  ( Lofty goals.  Get’R’done!
    • Good push from many PAX today.  I thought I would win the final 800, only to have Cornholio pull up next to me, and pass me easily on the final straight…#hangingback.  #oldguyhasnogears
    • Prayers for all the new Dads in the PAX – sounds like the 2.0s are not quite agreeing with your sleep and workout needs.  It’ll come around…eventually.  Take care of the M.
    • We are going to transition to some hill work for the next six weeks this summer as we prepare for #brr. Should see some variety on the greenway and our favorite hills.