As pax gathered, I got a confirmation from Nemo that his car thermometer registered in at a blistering 16 degrees this morning.  No matter…the pax post and expect a burner.  I think they got their money’s worth today…and so the beatdown began.

Warm up lap

  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Air squats arms extended forward x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Diamond Merkins x 10
  • Wide grip Merkins x 10

With equipment stations lining the back stop, everyone partnered up and chose a station to begin.  Partner 1 runs from back stop to the sidewalk and performs 3 burpees while Partner 2 max reps through the following stations until Partner 1 returns then flapjack.  Plank hold until everyone is back and then rotate stations.

  1. Plate bent over rows
  2. 20 lbs Kettle Bell shoulder press
  3. Tricep ext with Curl bar
  4. Boy Makers
  5. Lateral raise with medicine ball
  6. Hanging Cleans
  7. Plate curls
  8. 35 lbs Kettle Bell lateral raise

After 1 rotation through all stations, we gathered for a little body weight exercise to burn out.

  • 10/1 Jack Webbs
  • Air squat arms extended forward x 10
  • Air squat arms extended side x 10

Gathered back for station rotation.  Same set up and we had to hussle to get all these in.

  1. Plate shoulder press
  2. 20 lbs Kettle Bell tricep extension
  3. Curls
  4. Merkins
  5. Medicine ball overhead press
  6. Hanging cleans
  7. Plate curls
  8. 35 lbs Kettle Bell lateral raise
  9. ***Seated squats***

Mary…decided by the people!

  • Plebe chose LBC’s x 20
  • Neon chose Freddie Mercury’s x 20
  • Horshack chose 6 inch leg hold x 10
  • Hush puppy chose Rosalita x 20


  • ***Nearing the end of our second rotation, we apparently added in another station.  During the run portion, some pax chose to perform “seated squats.”  This complicated move involves skipping the run portion, with your back facing the bench go into a squat position and then rest your a*s on the bench and hold.  Hold this until partner completes his portion of the station and then stand back up. While not as difficult as runing and doing burpees, the bench was cold so I’m sure that was inconvenient.
  • Well known diabeties spokesman Walter Brimley is looking for volunteers to perform diabeties blood checks and if needed, insulin shots to participants at the Finish line of the upcoming Krispy Kreme Challenge on Feb 8th. 
  • Lamp wins todays “Pax that most looks like he would rob a bank” award with his all black outfit and ski mask.  Actually…correction…he did have on white tennis shoes.
  • I was anticipating a Ricki sighting today, knowing that curls were his favorite exercise when he was in The Big Pen.  Last I heard he had headed down to Mexico to drive back a box truck loaded with meth.  He called it “a huge score.”  Maybe he got hung up with the Policia???
  • GoRuck…do it.

0 Replies to “Polar Vortex or not….the GUN show must go on!!!”

  • I appreciate the award. Given TARP’s expertise with bank robbers, he know his stuff. Great time in my first post at HM. I shall return.

  • I know I wasn’t very vocal this morning, but I was there…unlike our Krispy Kreme Q!

    Just ask MH, I was his partner. He probably thought I was giving him the silent treatment, but truthfully I was just sucking wind as TARP delivered the pain. T-claps.

  • Had Ricki known Lamp was going to show, he would have been there. As for Epoxy, not sure if I hit snooze or what. Ringer was on vibrate which I confirmed at 6am as my wife’s alarm went off. Very upsetting as this was my first true “oversleep” in 7 months on the very day Lamp comes to pay me back for going to Wolf Run. Stuff was piled in the bathroom last night for the layering to deal with 16 degrees, and I didn’t even get to use it. Damn! Then I was rewarded for being home by getting to take 007 to school at 6:45.

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