When YHC drove up to the TobaccoRoad site this morning, it was an empty parking lot. But then the pax started coming… and they didn’t stop coming… until a site record 8 pax were enjoying their daily downPAINment.

Warm-up: 400m run, SSH, 400m run, arm circles, wind mills

Plyometrics: high knees, butt kicks, defensive slide, karaoke, q4 knee ups, bounding

Light pole suicides – 10 merkins, 1 light pole and back, 10 merkins, 2 light poles and back, 20 merkins, 3 light poles and back, 30 merkins (plank it out when done – mountain climbers at the end)

10 dips, 10 derkins, 10 stepups
16 dips, 16 derkins, 16 stepups

Usain Bolts – bear crawl around the ring while pax do exercise… froggers, heels2heaven, quad hoppers, squats, burpees, exercise-named-after-a-90s-speed-skater, something else

10 incline diamond merkins, 10 freddie mercurys, 10 idm, 10 froggies, 10 idm, 10 rosadollys

5 count bows/toes planks around the circle


– We are relaunching the Saturday Durham workout at Old Chapel Hill Road Park off 15-501 in order to optimize pax numbers from both Durham and CH – details should be up on this website soon
– Great to see so many new faces at TobaccoRoad – let’s keep up this momentum!