Faulkner: Hoping WRAL could stomach watching real men take a real beatdown, a faithful 14 embarked into the gloom only to find a couple a doughnut munchers spooning in their warm cars arguing with one another the hassle of having to catch men (who don’t have to pass physical fitness tests as a part of employment) whom are in superior condition

Hemmingway: The pain began.

Vonnegut: The evil media enemy missed the target once more as the grassroots live on.

Tha’ thang- warm ups: Indian run – two laps around the parking lot

good mornings 10x, imperial walkers 12x, nipplers 21x HOLD PLANK, Ski abs 24x HOLD PLANK, Mountain climber 25x, Sir Fazio (make those circles small) 21x, HOLD reverse 24x.

Grab a partner it’s time for the ladder across the bball courts: One end – partner fireman carry squats. the other end: burpees the partner that was the dead weight runs across the court and does the burpee(s). The non burpee partner does merkins until burpee partner returns and they flap jack. EACH PARTNER goes up from 1 to 7 and back down on the burpees and squats.

Beast mode on the court: Lunge walk 1 court then bear crawl one court then lunge walk then gorrilla walk one court then lunge walk then duck walk half a court finish the other half on a crab walk then lunge walk one court then standing broad jump one more court. I should’ve put in hyphens… because that was supposed to be fast.

Balls to the wall interlude: Nippler 15x, Precision squat 10x, BTW merkin 20x then to merry…

Heels to heaven (straight legs- cue wimpers from Au Pair) 23x

Alternating RL LBC 30x

next exercise is the- “oh we’re out of time”…

Prayers for Orwell’s mother and brother.

Do the Go Ruck.