As a kid one of the main things I remember my mom saying is don’t play in the traffic.  Well all 21 of us were breaking the mom-rules today.  Here we go.
  • Mosey to the field via greenway.
  • Warm-up (Side Shuffle Hops x25, Good Morning x 10, Imperial Walker x20, Mountain Climber x 20, and Plank/Mercans x 15.
  • Mosey to rock pile via greenway.
The Thang
  • 150’s Cumulative Partner exercises, one rock.
  • P1:  Runs up hill to field, 2 Penta Burpees (aka. 2 Burpees with 5 Mercan each), run back down to flapjack with partner.
  • P2:  Curls, Tri-Ext, Rows, and Squat Press
  • Long Mosey to bridge over I-540
  • 100/200/300/4 Partner exercises over the bridge
  • P1:  Sprints to far end of the bridge, Walk across road, Sprint back to flapjack with partner.
  • P2:  Mercans, Prisoner Squats, LBC’s, and Balls to the Bridge (That’s right, to the bridge, It must have been a glorious sight from 540 to see all these old man legs in the air.)
  • Mosey back to parking lot for a quick Mary (1 Mercan a-la CDC)
Two FNG’s:  Welcome Laxerace and Gump.
Thought of the Day:  Remember the small stuff.  We, as men, seem to overlook the small stuff in life.  Take some time with family, friends, or colleagues, and acknowledge the small good or bad/correctable items.  Be engaged in life.
Announcements:  Footballs to Crucible in two Mondays.
Prayer request:  Kids getting out of school
Spud led us out in a strong prayer.
Tinkertoy Out!