Very strong showing by the PAX on a Tuesday morning at LoD. Burt (sporting the muscle T) rounded up a football squad prior to kickoff that was truly intimidating in the gloom. We lost one member of the PAX to a pine cone incident during the Indian Run but he recovered well and rejoined us for Mary.


WARMUP: Good Mornings x 20; Windmill x 20; Imperial Walker x 20; Merkins x 20

INDIAN RUN to Fallon Park (about .5 miles)

The LOOP (Round 1): Starting at the shelter, partner up and wheelbarrow halfway across Fallon Park toward Royster; Wheelbarrow Derkins x 20; Partners flapjack; Lunge Walk to intersection of Oxford and Royster; Burpees x 20; Full Bore Sprint 100 yards on Oxford back toward shelter; Bear Crawl down stairs and across bridge to shelter; Dips x 30; Jump Ups x 20

PLANK: Regular; Putin; Sarkozy; Low Plank Hold

The LOOP (Round 2): Same as above except Wheelbarrow Derkins x 10, Burpees x 10, Dips x 20, and Jump Ups x 10

PLANK: Regular; Putin; Sarkozy; Low Plank Hold

RUN back to Lourdes for Mary

MARY: LBCs x 20; Heels to Heaven x 20; Freddy Mercury x 20; Russian Hammer x 15; Six Inch Leg Hold (5 count around circle)

COT: Wendell G needs Q for Date Night this Friday. No volunteers, at least publicly.

Thanks to Ebola for leading us in prayer.