Nigel Tufnel made this proud declaration when displaying his unique amplifier volume knob in the movie “This Is Spinal Tap.” But YHC didn’t share the same enthusiasm when, upon losing Wonderland to injury mid-workout, our PAX count dropped to a number one less than our original twelve. The PAX forged on without its fallen brother, bruised but not broken. And I can assure you, the volume of an inspired PAX was cranked up to the max.  Here’s how it all went down.


YHC introduced the “PAX Boomerang”: 3 PAX are called upon during the warm-up to depart the circle at the amphitheatre lawn in a full sprint around the park carousel & return, at which time 3 more PAX are called upon (& so on, until all PAX complete a carousel lap)

Plank Jacks x 20 / Imperial Walkers x 20 / Good Mornings x 20 / Mountain Climbers x 20 / Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x 12 (reverse) / Side Shuffle Hop x 20


Jog around the perimeter path to waterfront steps for Quick Feet x 25 / Irkins x 20 / Derkins x 10 (rinse & repeat)

Jog to the twin bridges & partner up

Partner Carry across bridge #1 ***Man down: rest & heal up soon, Wonderland***

(flapjack) Partner Carry back across bridge #1

All PAX Bear Crawl across bridge #1 to Goose Poop Island: Plank hold / Putin / Sarkozy

Impromptu injury prayer for Wonderland led by Hush Puppy: AYE!

Partner Wheelbarrow across bridge #2

(flapjack) Partner Wheelbarrow back across bridge #2

All PAX Bear Crawl across bridge #2 to the perimeter path on the other side & plank hold until all are done

Jog up the hill to the rock pile & grab a rock. As always, size matters for…

Curls x 20 / Shoulder Presses x 20 / Bent Row x 25 (rinse & repeat)

Replace rocks & advance to the tennis courts for 3-line suicides

Suicide #1: bear crawl to 1st court doubles line / sprint to 2nd court doubles line / karaoke to 3rd court doubles line

Suicide #2: gorilla crawl to 1st court doubles line / karaoke to 2nd court doubles line / sprint to 3rd court doubles line

Jog back down the hill to the perimeter path & return to where we started for…

MARY: Russian Hammers x 25 / Boat-Canoe x 15 / LBC’s x 25


Announcements: Mud Run 10/4 + The Mule 10/25 = SIGN UP

Prayer Requests: Families of Hush Puppy, Picante’, & Seasoned Salt

If you haven’t Q’d a workout yet, give it a whirl. A wise man once said, “you do, you Q.”

-Rogers out