10 PAX came out to celebrate 35 years of YHC!  We introduced our new friends the sandbags.  We’ll have to work on time management a little bit.. it took a while to get around the laps and to put the bags away.  That all being said everything went well and Birkenstock nearly spilled the merlot so something was going right.. haha

Extra Credit (YHC, Nickelback, Erie)

  • Good mornings x10
  • Windmillsx10
  • Gorilla hop the hill
  • Reverse bear crawl down the back
  • jog back around to the front of the hill
  • do 5 laps total
  • Pullups x20 OYO


  • SSH x35
  • Good Mornings x10
  • Dry Docks x20
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • Fazios x10
  • Reverse Fazios x10
  • Dry Docks x15 (35 total)
  • Mountain Climbers x15 (35 total)


  • 1s do a loop around the field with sandbags on shoulders
  • 2s Merkins x35, Squats x35
  • flapjack
  • 1s do a loop around the field with sandbags  on shoulders
  • 2s Plank Jacks x35, LBCs x35
  • flapjack

The Beast (sorta)
Jog up to the front of the school to the planters

  • Jog to each planter, Jump Squats x6 at each
  • Bear crawl to each planter, Dry Docks x6 at each
  • Karaoke to each planter, Mike Tysons x6 at each
  • Crab walk to each planter, LBCs x6 at each
  • Jog to each planter, Burpees x6 at each except 5 at last for total of 35!  Say happy birthday to YHC when you finish!

Jog back around to grab sandbags.


  • Tclaps to Van Der Beek for working out with a bum leg
  • Tclaps to Candlestick for answering the ice bucket challenge
  • Tclaps to Nickelback and Erie for completing the extra credit.  You both get a gold star!
  • Prayers for our injured brothers
  • 9/11 stair climb
  • 10/4 Mud Run (looking to get a third team together from The Crick)
  • 10/25 The Mule
  • FiA Raleigh Tuesdays 0600-0645 and Saturdays 0815-0900 at Brier Creek elementary. Send your ladies to @FiASweatShop