Nutcracker drew another great crowd with 3 FNGs for the second straight week.  We started off with a quick disclaimer for Bent Pole, Pokie, and Short Round and then jumped in to things with a warmup run through the parking lot.  After circling up we did the following warmup exercises: SSH x 25, Fazio Arm Circles x 25 forward, x 25 backwards, Good Morning x 15, Standard Merkins x 25.

Once everyone’s blood was flowing, we broke in to groups of 4 and attempted a Pig Carry.  This consisted of 2 partners carrying a pole while 1 PAX hung from the pole.  The remaining partner took a lap around the track and alternated with the group upon return.  The objective was to carry the pig around the track twice (or until pole became completely disabled).   After straightening some of the bent poles back out, the groups did decline merkins while 2 PAX held each side of the pole on their backs doing low slow flutters.  The odd man did LBC’s.  The decline merkins started with 25 down to 10.  To finish everyone off, the last exercise was a backwards bear crawl in a line for 100 yards while the person in the back of the line ran to the front.

Mary: Freddy mercury x 25, Box Cutter x 20, Around the horn 15 count varying plank hold

COT:  Everyone go support Deadbolt for Notorious PIG behind the Aviator between 7pm on 9/23 through 6pm on 9/24