A chilly morning, cool breeze and the shadows of warriors appearing in the gloom….it must be Monday in October.  T-claps to about a dozen plus PAX (YHC’s count machine was buried in the car seat) for their show of running willpower and T-claps to Kanga and his M for 18 years of marriage bliss!

WARM UPS in the parking lot
20x SSH
20x Mountain Climber
20x Good Morning
20x Imperial Walker
5 quick burpies
INDIAN RUN…up QH Road, right on that famous author HD Thoreau, left on Wingate, right on Alcott…and corner home display of 20x monkey humper love – led by the Captain K himself!
LADDER ON Steinbeck
— 5 merkins at bottom
— 5 LBC’s at first man hole cover
— 5 plank jacks at second man hole cover
— 5 heels to heaven at third manhole cover (at Webster Court)
RUN Backwards to bottom of hill…start again but do 10 of each, then 20 of each….
INDIAN RUN…down Wingate, right on Hardimont, right on QH to bottom of Eastgate Park driveway
2nd LADDER in Eastgate Park
— 5 diamond merkins at bottom of driveway
— 5 WW2 Sit Ups at parking lot
— 5 prisoner squats 1/2 way up the sidewalk next to soccer field
RUN Backwards to the parking lot…start again from end of driveway but do 10 of each, then 20….
MARY (if time permits) in main parking lot
– Have a Nice Day meditation
vague announcements of future Christmas party, location TBD and mighty prayers needed for friend (Lori Cove) crushed on her bike