With Moby on the DL for the week, Brony stepped in to lead Nutcracker. 1 FNG and a 2.0 in tow, we launched from the front parking lot of the school.

The Warmup

  • Jog to the side parking lot for a series of zig zag karaoke, bear crawls and sprints.
  • Mosey through the back parking lot to the basketball court. Proceed with warmups
    • SSH x 20
    • IW x 20
    • Good Morning x 15
    • Mountain Climbers x 20
    • Merkins x 20

The Thang

Mosey to across the field/track to the greenway segment behind the school.  We started at the bottom of the hill and partnered up. Partners then proceeded to work through a B.O.M.B.S. workout. One partner did the exercise at the bottom of the greenway hill while the other ran approx 100yds up the hill and back before switching off.

  • B = burpees x 30
  • O = overhead clap (in a squat) x 60
  • M = merkins x 90
  • B = big boy (WWII) situps x 120
  • S = squats x 150

Recovered on the jog back to the basketball court / circle. PAX lined up in a single file plank line to do Bear Crawl Inch Worm.  Similar to an indian run, but bear crawl from back to front while the remaining PAX hold various plank positions.    Repeated 2x.

Recover on the jog to top of front lot.  PAX then did some mucho-shoulder work with a mixed bag of curbkins (curb related merkins)

  • Irkins on the curb x 15
  • Left arm up & left leg up on curb x 15
  • Derkins w/ feet on the curb x 15
  • Right arm up & right leg up on curb x 15

Recover on the jog to the flag. Circle up for Mary


  • Freddie Mercury x 20
  • Hello Dolly x 20
  • Protractor with engineer-annoying mix of inches and degrees (Sorry @Deadbolt)


Ramsey took us out with prayers for PSI & Wife (new baby, bed rest & moving), Banana Seat, Peak Week recovery from appendicitis, and others who are recovering from illness.

Naked Moleskin

Always a pleasure to lead you men.  Loved the drive from 2.0 Yellowcard.  Big motivator to be getting your butt kicked by a 2.0 when you have the Q! Great to have FNG “Pet Sounds” and Kotters to “SoIsYourMom”.