Fourteen PAX were present at the Cougar, including FNG Ace. A lot of ground was covered as we moved about the school’s grounds.

Warm up:

– Side shuffle hop
– Arm circles/reverse
– Imperial walker
– Willie Mays Hays
– Slow Merkins

The Thang:

Fellowship jog to the gym wall followed by balls-to-the-wall-o-rama, each pax giving a 10-count. Next a wall-sit-o-rama, again each pax giving 10-count.

Fellowship jog to low wall for:

– Dips in cadence (20 x 2)
– Box jumps OYO (25 x 2)
– Derkins (20, 15)

Fellowship jog to track, followed by two laps consisting of:

– Run 200 meters, 10 burpees OYO
– Run 200 meters, 20 WWIIs OYO

We then split into two groups for three rounds of “tennis ball crawl”: Two rows of tennis balls ~25 yards apart; each group lines up along each row facing each other. Bear-crawl across the field, pick up one ball, then lunge walk back and drop the ball. Repeat as many times as possible for three minutes.


– Fellowship jog around the track
– LBCs
– American hammer