Join me for my birthday bash at the Museum of Art parking lot at 5:30 sharp, and try and beat the old man up the hill.

After a brief warm up, partner up and we will run the same mile circuit we ran last week with 4 pain stations consisting of:

  • Station 1: 10 Burpees and 12 partner derkins.
  • Station 2: 10 Burpees and 12 Swiss mericans
  • Station 3: 10 Burpees and 12 hand release mericans
  • station 4: 10 Burpees and 12 hand clap partner mericans

After the first circuit stick with the 10 Burpees but increase Merican count to 24 for the rest of the circuits.

Let’s try and get at least 3 rounds in before time expires.

By the way time will expire at 6:08, so head back to the cars for Mary at 6:08.


Look forward to seeing you in the morning,