Annually the Town of Cary holds a “Dog Days of June” event at Bond, described very eloquently on their website as “a day filled with family fun for you and your dog.” With temp over 74 and blasting humidity, 17 Pax held their own dog day at Bond Park, sans the canines.

Jog over to parking lot, crank up the tunes, which was only partially effective in reducing mumble chatter, and here we go:

Jog to parking lot via trail and warm up: SSH , Imperial walkers, cotton pickers, mountain climbers x 20

In the same parking lot, four corners, escalator style, going 10 burpees, 20 CDD, 30 lunge jumps and 40 crab jacks, plank when done. Another round please, 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 star jumps and 40 plank jacks, plank when done, a chilcutt thrown in to keep those elbows from getting soft.  Put the tunes away, it’s time to roll.

Jog down the street adding a backwards run and karaoke. Stop for American hammers x 20.  Since nice light, use the trail to reach the shelter for a classic rotation of 20 x dips, decline, incline merkins, alternating L/R step ups.  Repeato x 10.

Short jog to the play area, Pax into 3 groups rotating pulls ups, Peter Parkers and low slow flutter x 15. Repeato x 10.

Jog to main field, sprint and karaoke on the way, 3 groups again rotating again, one group up the hill for 10 merkins, group climbing gives others an exercise while they wait. It was late in work out and now its late in work day, so can’t recall.

One more trail run to T-up the Billy run home, left time for box cutters and LBC’s and we are done.

Announcements: Not much in way of new, non-fabricated events to report.

Prayer requests: Continued prayers for CD, family and friends. Continued prayers for Banjo and his family following loss of Uncle. Prayers for Coney’s daughter and GH classmates on trip to Greece and a praise for graduation last weekend.  Prayers for peace with Orlando and other senseless killings.

YHC took us out.

Despite ending as a sweaty mess, really enjoyed the morning with you all, thanks for opportunity!