5 started the day with a little ruck walk about before the main event. 15 PAX for the main event:

Light jog to the upper parking lot.
SSH – 20x
Hillbillies – 15x
Arm circles – 15x
Chinooks – 15x
Moroccan night clubs – 15x
Willie Mays Hayes – 15x
Light jog back to back parking lot.

Main Event:
3 teams of 5…log carry team set the exercise timer.
Team 1 carried logs around the parking lot.
Team 2 did diamond merkins
Team used coupons for shoulder presses
Round 2 rinse and repeat
Round 3 repeat but exercise were low rows and air squats
Round 4 repeat but exercise were tri press and burpees

Down to the bottom of THWM
Bear crawl to the gate then sprint to the top of the parking lot…2 rounds

Father’s Day workout on Saturday at TBL
2nd F at he’s not here on the 23rd