On a beautiful, humid filled morning in Cary, YHC pulls into the lot running hot – right at 5:44. As I get out of the car, the restless pax head off down the street. They knew I was there, they knew I was the Q and they knew it was not yet 5:45. Sounds like Katniss and Shut-in will need to pay. Behind me, another car pulls in, YHC waits for Sky Blue – who mumbles something, blaming Goose for his tardiness and we set off to find the pax.

The giggle meter is running hot as we arrive at the bank, YHC yells halt as the pax finish off 25 SSH. Let the true warm up begin

Run to bank for Warm up
20 – GM, 20 – IW, 20 – Merkins
10, SSH, 15 – GM, 15 – IW, 15 – Merkins
11 – SSH, 11 – GM, 11 – IW, 11 – Merkins

The Thang
Alternating L/R step up on the benches – x23
BTTW 10 count down the line
Alternating L/R step up on the benches – x23
PC 15 count down the line

Now that sweat is moving, time for the pax to do the same. Lets head off, down Academy towards the art center – stop at each tree/ streetlight – for 20 squats, 10 star jumps alternate all the way down to the stop light.
If you get done first – circle back and finish with the 6
Upon completeion, cross over to the plaza in front of the arts center and split into – 2 groups – 1 to the right, 2 to the left
Both groups, Hop up stairs – spider climb down – 3 times – 2 feet hop, right foot hop, left foot hop
Dips 23, impromtu brick curls (just cause the bricks were there x 23
Repeat stairs/spidercrawl – 1 time
Repeat dips/ brick curls

Run back around to the church, the long way around via indian run to keep the pax together

Back in the church parking lot, running tight on time so only one Mary exercise
WW2 x 46

Announcements – praise for birthdays – YHC (today) and Chinese Downhill (respect day week from tomorrow)
Prayer requests – praise for Disco’s mother – dealing well with the death of a parent, prayers for Banjo’s friend Linda who recently lost her husband

YHC took us out.

Again, it is an honor to lead, Thank you for being there and starting my 46th year out right.