EC:  Emeril, 187, CHiPS, Pikachu, Bernie – 2 miles

Vests: 187

Fartsacks:  M4L agreed to lead a IR workout. No showed.  Discrepancy on whether it was back issues or stomach issues that kept him away.

Excuse lexicon addition: “I had stomach issues, no I mean my back is a bit sore, so I figure I can chill a bit”

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog

½ Mile Jog – Imperial Walkers/Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers, Merkins, Sumo Squats

The Workout

Tunnel:   Partner up.  1 partner runs left and one right.  Everyone makes it back to the tunnel x20 Balls to the wall.  Repeat runs, x50 Preacher Chair.   Rotate directions on run.  X25 balls to the wall, repeat runs, x25 preacher chair.

Partner Wheelbarrow.  Every 1 parking line do a merkin and build +1 every line up to 10 for a total of 55 Merkins.  Swap, repeat


X20 Pickle Pounders

X20 Homer to Marge

X20 LBC’s

X20 Dips on railing

X20 Heel Taps

Total running ~3 miles

Announcements: Thursday evening workouts w/ Lucky (runcentric) 6:30pm @ Bombshell.    Christmas party at M4L’s to include a toy drive to support CarPex.  Date/time still tbd.

Prayers: Clay – Roger Rogers neighbor, Crab legs, Shredder friends the Clarks and their battle with Cancer.  Blue Hen’s sister in law.  Also, anyone and everyone battling this disease. Deadbolt – stressful/hard week at work

Passage: 1 Peter 5:7 –  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you