Warm up lap around both fields.  40 SSH IC, 10 merkins, 15 MC IC, 10 Diamond Merkins, 15 MC IC, 10 Hand-Release Merkins.

Pick a Partner and size does not matter.  Line up width-wise on the soccer field and we are going to do partner tallies of exercises to reach a total number.  One partner sprints to the other side of field and back.  When back other partner runs and you pick up the tally.

Round 1.  Hand-Release Merkin Burpees X 100.  No cheating on the merkin part of these burpees!  Must get chest on ground!

Round of peoples chair and balls to the wall

Round 2.  200 Carolina Dry Docks.  Get your head down to the turf!

Round of low squat holds and balls to the wall

Round 3.  200 Diamond-Grip Merkins

Mosey to the middle of the soccer field and circle up.  Each man gets a turn to call an exercise for the PAX while he sprints to the end of the field and back, then completes 5 hand-release merkin burpees in the middle of the circle.

Exercises were:  Diamond-Grip Merkins, WW II’s, LBC’s, Knee Slaps, Russian Hammers, Johnny Appleseeds, Low Squat Holds, Low Plank Holds, Plank to 6-inch holds.