The title of the backblast says it all. 11 of us started the day right with some Anchor Time action. Here is what the rest of you missed.

Warm up in the parking lot consisting of Good Mornings, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and SSHs (I know the FOMO is kicking in right now and you’re so upset you missed that)

Mosey over to the lowest point of pick up lane/oval hill-thing in front of Daniels Middle School.
– Partner Wheelbarrow to the first structure on the left. Jog it out to the top and back down.
– Partner chase. Partner A runs backward while Partner B does 3 burpees and catches up
– Bear Crawl from top down to first structure then jog it back
– Partner chase. Partner A runs backward while Partner B does 5 hand-release merkins and everyone switches once caught
– Run back down stopping at each light pole on the right for 5 burpees.
– Partner chase. Partner A runs…. 5 diamonds

Mosey from there to the HT Parking lot at Glenwood/Oberlin to play chicken with some cars while working on our abs.

AYG back to the light infront of Daniels. 10 merkins. AYG to the top of Oberlin and Fairview.

Down to Fairview and some side street for one last Partner Chase.

Low Slow Flutters back in the parking lot.


– The Mule March 4th at 6 am at Pullen Park
– Wendell Gee is having a black tie affair on April 8th to commemorate 5 years of F3 Raleigh.

Prayers out to all of those injured. Thanks Mr Furley for the takeout.

Enjoyed leading today fellas, had a blast as always!