9 Pax arrived ready for a Saturday beatdown.  The Durham F3 recruitment blitz netted one FNG who overheard an attempted emotional headlock and posted.  The VSF was planted and the pain began.

Mosey to the parking lot…

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Merkins x 20

Mosey to the quad for a partner carry extravaganza…

– Two teams, which naturally fell into team beefcake and the lightweights.
– One man carries one member of his team 40 yards, then sprints back to pick up the next man.  Continue until all members of the team are on the other side.  The rest of the pax are doing an exercise picked by the man being carried.
– Repeato until every team member is the partner carrier once (the team with 4 men had one man who went twice…which sucked)
– Losing team picked up 5 burpees per round to be done at the end
– Final score – team beefcake 20 burpees, team lightweights 5 burpees

Doogie takes the helm for some interval training…

5 minute segments, one exercise on one side of the quad, sprint to the other side, another exercise on the other side, sprint back, rinse and repeat until 5 minutes are up
– Merkins x 10 on one side,
– Low plank hold x 10 seconds, bear crawl across halfway, run the rest,
– Air squats x 10, side shuffle across, knee up merkins x 10, side shuffle back


– Tclaps to FNG McSmokey for being the lone winner for team beefcake
– It pays to be lean.  Carrying Floyd 40 yards really takes the wind out of your sails
– The last round of partner carry is under review.  All I know is that I had a sizeable lead on DC that evaporated on a questionable partner exchange.
– Tclaps to Timbuktu and Paparazzi for lapping most of the field during the interval workout