Posted by Epoxy for Paisley.

15 total PAX for hour-long New Year’s Eve workout at Pullen.

The Thang:

Warm-up:  Jog to grassy area in park.  SSH x 25, Windmills x15, Imperial Walkers x15, Merkins x15.  One lap around lake and back to circular area near carousel to begin the workout on dry ground.

Commence PEN exercise (this being something from Paisley’s college days.  Could not be confirmed / located on the internet, thus it is presumed to have been created and retired as an exercise regimen prior to Al Gore’s creation of the internet).  PAX circled around Paisley who led PEN consisting of 5 exercises (thus some thought it might be “pent”) with running in place between exercises:

Jumpies x 10 (squat and jump = 1)

Jog in place for 30 seconds

Merkins x 10

Jog in place for 30 seconds

Squat thrusts x 10 (flashbacks to elementary PE class for many)

Jog in place for 30 seconds

LBCs x50

Jog in place for 30 seconds

Sir Fazio Arm Cirlces x 30

Jog in place for 30 seconds

PAX would complete 4 rounds of the circuit above with the final set being x20 of merkins, jumpies, and squat thrusts.  Couple 10 counts here and there but tough circuit with continuous movement for about 45 min.

Jog to small pavilion on island between the bridges to perform partner assisted pull-ups to exhaustion.  Jog back around lake for Mary and COT.  Group photo by CeeLo.  See attached…

Prayers for Dufresne and some I’ve probably forgotten.  Closing prayer by Paisley.  Coffee / fellowship at Brueggers followed.