14 PAX made an appearance this morning at Dawn Patrol ready for some post New Years revelry. YHC was excited to lead the now famous Dawn Patrol. So in order to lead these fine PAX I decided I must go off in seclusion to ponder The GLOOM at Dawn Patrol. My journey took me to a deer stand in Eastern NC. While sitting in a deer stand I took along pen a paper to ponder my Q at Dawn Patrol and fill out a Weinki. Amazing what you can think of sitting hours and hours while deer hunting in Eastern NC. I say this because as soon as I arrived at Dawn Patrol today I pretty much changed up the whole workout. I know you are thinking who cares but I spent a lot of time sitting in a deer stand pondering my Q only to change it up at the last minute.

Whomever can figure out what GATA means gets a prize from the Dawn Patrol goody bag or one of Money Hose’s collard shirts or one of Orwell’s purses. Hint; The Dawgs did not do this yesterday in their bowl game.

Warm -Up: x30 SSH,x15 Good Mornings, x20 Windmills, & x20 Merkins

The Thang: Jog out of Laurel Hills, right on Edwards Mill, right on Glen Eden, and right back into Laurel Hills stopping at the picnic area to do:

x15 Derkins, x20 Jump Ups, x20 Incline Merkins, x15 Derkins, x20 Left Right step-ups, x15 Incline Merkins, x12 Jump Ups, x12 Merkins, x12 Left Right step-ups, x 12 Incline Merkins.

Recover on the jog to the basketball courts:

Split group into two groups. First group suicides. Second group squat jumps. Flap Jack. First group repeat suicides. Second group Star jump squats. Flap Jack First group repeats suicides. Second group planks. Flap Jack.

Recover on the jog to curb: x30 quick feet.

Decided after the Dawgs bowl showing that a few wind sprints with burpees down at the soccer fields would inflict enough pain to forget about the game. Do to the regulated 45 minute workout your Q had to stop the wind sprints/ burpee madness hence your Q has not been able to totally forget about  the Dawgs showing.

Mary: x30 LBC, x20 WW11 sit-ups, and x20 American Hammer

COT:Continued prayers for Dufresne. Prayers for Slash’s friend who is starting chemo shortly. See Slash to help get the husband out into the Gloom shortly . Also see Slash on the name of the guy because in true Wilson fashion I forgot the guys name. Dawn Patrol welcomed in Matt Beck (FNG) Kermit “Thee Frog” to the PAX today. Great showing today Pax. Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to seeing you in the Gloom again.