3 PAX descended upon Tobacco Road this morning with resolutions abound… YHC started their 2014 off with some pain

Warmup- yog, SSH, arm circles, mountain climbers, windmills, IWs

to the wall (blatantly copied from yesterday’s convergence – Floyd was upset he couldnt be there so I decided to bring the convergence to him)
derkins, jump ups, dips, alternating step ups x5 each, then x10 each, then x15 each

circuit: 1 jump roper, 1 block exerciser, 1 people’s chair-er
first round bicep curls, second round shoulder presses

over to the field – wheelbarrow along the fence – at each fence post do 1 merkin and add 1 per fence post – third person does walking lunge – turn around and switch, turn around and switch again

over the the parking lot (stolen from Riggs last week as, again, floyd was upset he wasn’t there)
up 4 spot lines, sprint back 2, 5 merkins, up4, back2, 5 merkins… repeato until the end of the segment

circuit: 1 jump roper, 1 ab exerciser (jumpropers choice), 1 block exerciser
– tricep extensions
– russian hammers
– squat jumps x2 circuits


– great to see coach doherty again in durham… this guy is a beast… plus he’s writing a book… find it, buy it, read it
– floyd, welcome back my friend…
– we missed our chapel hill colleagues – y’all should make it out to durham (mad hatters, downtown, 0700) this saturday… will be a good time!
– KFP anyone? we may have to start a seinfeld watch as well… i heard his wife needed defending though…