A few weeks removed from 40 plus PAX in regular attendance at Ball Bearings, a mere twelve posted on the 31st of July as two new Wednesday morning workouts have been added to the F3 Raleigh slate.  However, the 12 who showed proved that Ball Bearings is the home of the truley elite Raleigh F3ers.


Jog the long way around the house of cats, which is still being investigated by federal and state authorities.

SSH x 30; imperial walkers x 20; windmills x 20; staggered merkins x 20; Sir Fazio arm circles x 20.

Series of Gassers: four sets of gassers, each gasser includes two down and backs over a 30 yard course.  The following gassers were enjoyed: wheelbarrow (switching with your partner each time); bobby petrino (switching with your partner each time); scalded dawgs; crab walks.

Jog to stone circle for pull up/ jump up laps:

10 jump ups on the wall, run down to shelter, 5 pull ups from shelter supports, run back up to wall.  Thats 1 lap.  Do 5 laps.

Elevens with standard merkins and Turkish get ups (same as a Romanian get up, but without the sandbag and no hands allowed).

Jog to hamburger hill, bear crawl down hamburger hill.

2.5 minutes of mary:  alternating oblique crunch x 30; WWII sit ups x 20; homer to marge x 20; Russian hammers x 20.



  • Small numbers today, but that made us light and fast.  Ball Bearings rolls on like the machine that it is.
  • Catalyst cranks up at Carroll Middle School on Saturday at 7:00 am, meet by the buses if you are not at Pullen.
  • Excessive Turkish get ups today.