After several workouts filled with yahoos prepping for the BRR, YHC was determined to minimize the run for Thursday’s edition of Dawn Patrol. By no means did that mean that we would sit in the sand twiddling our thumbs. 16 PAX, including a couple of the #queencity’s finest turned out for a straight up beat down. Here’s ye synopsis:

Warmup COP
SSH x 20
Windmill X 20
Imperial Walker x 20
‘Merican x 20

The Thang

Indian Run around the perimeter of parking lot, jog to shelter

Burpee jump up x 20
L/R step up x 20
Incline ‘Merican x 20

Burpee jump up x 15
L/R step up x 20
Incline ‘Merican x 20

Burpee jump up x 10
L/R step up x 20
Decline ‘Merican x 15

Jog to ball field, count off odds/evens
Odds sprint to outfield fence and back. Evens balls to the wall.
Odds bear crawl to edge of infield and back. Evens people’s chair.

Old man base running. Or dueling banjos, as so christened by Shaggy. Odds/evens again. 1 man runs clockwise around the bases, 1 man counter clockwise. Race back to home. Winner does 10 ‘Mericans. Loser does 10 burpees. Progress through so that each odd & even member get to race. The spectators do people’s chair while watching some bad news bears style base running, mixed with some near WWE-style collisions near 2nd base and home.


Jog to basketball courts and partner up
Partner 1 sprints the length of both basketball courts and back. Partner 2 does AMRAP monkey humpers. Flapjack back and forth until duo does total of 200 monkey humpers.
Partner 1 does suicide sprint on basketball court. Partner 2 does AMRAP ‘Mericans. Flapjack back and forth until duo does total of 100 ‘Mericans.

Rosalita x 20
Dolly x 20
LBC x 30
‘Merican Hammer x 30

Great work today guys. Sign up for the Mud Run. New workouts at NC Museum of Art, Apex Community Park. Lots of expansion coming up in F3 Nation; Richmond, Nashville, New Orleans, etc. Submit any prospective FNGs to (city) Thanks to Crotch Rocket and Magellan for posting. Lots if fun #mumblechatter this morning. Thanks to Maize for taking us out.