YHC was met in the parking lot at Pullen with a Q doing his signature exercise a few short minutes prior calling the PAX to order.  I was soon joined by 4 PAX and we were off to the Arena.  After a quick jog we huddled as New Mexico asked a blessing on our time to come, then made our way in through the front of THP.  The crowd was lighter than normal, only 4 or 5 men waiting on a ride, and despite our prompting none would join us.  Resigned to the fact that there would be no FNG’s today, i decided to be seen we should head to the courtyard for warm-ups, in order to attract as much attention as possible.  As we passed the garden I noticed a familiar face coming our way, William one of the THP employees i had met earlier this  week, he was suited up and ready to go.  Now it was on!

The Thang:

Warm Ups: SSH x 10, Good Mornings x 10, Wind Mills x 10, Merkins x 10

Jog to the volley ball court to begin our work.  Now comes our second late but awaited arrival, Jeremy, a client of the THP, he fell right in line.  YHC reminded by Orwell that I forgot the disclaimer, gave the standard and set our sites on the work ahead.

Four Corners of the Court: side shuffle to the first corner for 5 merkins, backwards run to the next 5 burpies, shuffle to the next 10 merkins, back to the start 10 burpies.

Jog to the tracks and grab a rock, circle up for a little lifting; curls x 10, extensions x 10, squat presses x 10, repeto.  Put your rock back and find a spot on the curb.

Quick feet x 15, irkins x 15, quick feet x 10, irkins x 10, jog over to the base of the field on Lake Wheeler.

Interval run to the top, 5 burpies at the first pole, 10 merkins at the next, 10 burpies at the top.  Back the way we came stopping at each pole again for 10 merkins.  Head back to the courtyard to finish it up.

Mary: LBC’s x 25, 6 inch leg hold x 10 count around the ring, done.

COT:  Name-o-rama with two FNG’s Billy Bass the choir singing fisherman, and Yogi the carpenter from NYC who pulls for the Yankees.  The transparency of Yogi was humbling, when asked what he liked to do, the addictions that led to his current situation were all he could think of.  YHC reminded the PAX that Isaiah 26:3 promises us that He will keep in “perfect peace him whos mind is steadfast because he trusts in God” That keeping a steadfast focus is tough with all the distractions, but that when we do His peace is perfect.  Orwell took us out in a might time with the Lord.

YHC continues to be grateful for the faithful men of F3 who join us in the Arena, mornings like this are why we continue to be present even when the ring is empty. Please consider signing up, we also need Q’s to begin to fill our schedule.