18 strong rolled into CMS to start the day right.  YHC had been searching for inspiration all week to no avail.  Then a little 70’s flashback popped Waylon’s classic Dukes of Hazzard theme song into my head and I had found my muse.  No hills, no off campus adventure – just some good old straight ahead running with a few twists mixed in, and fortunately no Pax sporting Daisy Dukes.

The Thang:

Warm-up with standard merkins, Peter Parkers, Good Mornings and Imperial Walkers

Head down to the track and partner up

Partners split into two lines for one lap Indian Run (yes, Orwell, proper form was used)

Stay with your group for The Chaser:

  • each group jogs the corners & sprints the straights X 3 laps
  • at end of each sprint, Pax did a set of exercises that included standard merkins x 10, wide grip merkins x 10, sumo squats x 10, single leg dead lift x 10 (each leg), lbc x 20, heels to heaven x 15

Exit the track and circle up for a visit with Jack Webb (straight gangsta, no frills version)

Reunite with partner for Rampbarrows

  • partner 1 wheelbarrows up switchback ramp next to basketball court, partners then run to top of stairs for star jumps x 10 and run down stairs to bottom of ramp
  • flapjack for partner 2 wheelbarrow up ramp, squat jumps x 10 at top of stairs, run to bottom

Stay with partners for Robert Plant / Jacob’s Ladder mash-up

  • partner 1 runs from track fence up stairs to school, standard burpees x 8, run back down to fence while partner 2 does People’s Chair – flapjack
  • repeat with double-merkin burpees x 6
  • repeat with quadruple-merkin burpees x 4

Mosey back up the stairs to school:

  • Full balls to wall x 10, then walk it out to 45 degrees x 10
  • Arm Circles x 20 then hold for additional 30 count
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 15

Partner up again for 60-yard sprint/race across upper lot

Yog down to main lot for ‘Merican Hammers x 30 (cause no F3 Raleigh workout is complete w/out some hammers)



  • Welcome Long Haul (FNG Mike Malone).  Despite Steroid’s best efforts at tagging him with the David Larry moniker as a nod to our other pax member with the same hospital name and the classic Bizzarro Jerry episode, the job as a logistics/accounting pro with a trucking company got the slight edge.
  • Happy Birthday Flatline – welcome to the mid-30’s. #TippingPoint  #AllDownhillFromHere
  • Welcome Back Horshack.  No note from Epstein’s mom, but man enough to respond to a twitter call out. You’ve been missed.
  • Tclaps to my partner Swirly for pushing through the wheelbarrows with a bum wrist.  He opted to ignore the whole “don’t do it if it hurts” thing. I’ll get White Shoe his signed waiver in the morning.
  • Additional Tclaps to Cinderella who managed to Larry Bird every sprint while wearing the weighted straight jacket and coughing up a lung.
  • Finally, thanks to Caboose for sharing a great story about F3 men stepping up to help a family get their very ill child back home from overseas to get the necessary medical attention.  #Impact
  • Steroid took us out with a nod to the Sky Q.