You wanna do the Wolf Run?  You better get a head band, or at least a homemade black market F3 shirt.  This aint no pretty boy Late Night.


  • Mosey down Centennial to soccer field
  • Warm Up COP: SSH – 20x, IW – 20x, Windmill-20x
  • Mosey over to boat ramp hill on Lake Raleigh
  • 11’s up the hill – Merkins @ top/Deep Squats at bottom
  • Mosey up to grassy area at top of hill
  • Mary COP: LBC-20x, Dolly-20x, WW2SU-20x, Rosalita-20x
  • Mosey up to parking deck
  • Run up parking deck doing 3 pullups at each I-Beam
  • Mosey Back to Cars



  • Sign up for Mud Run – deadline is in 4 days
  • Prayers for M Grillz’ father, Dr. Fulghum