Some PAX just can’t get enough. Lipton, New Mexico and Peak Week started at 5:15 with a 30 minute warm up jog prior to Cletus. Peak Week was Hell bent on finding a farm he saw on Google Earth. Well we found it at 5:30AM. 

Then the thang. 

Warm up with jog around track. 

    Side shuffle hop x 50
    Wind mill x 20
    Sir Fazio arm circle x 10 with      
    Sandard Merkin x 20 
    Mountain climbers x 20

The dang thang:

String of pearls around track with Sprint to each station.


1) Burpies x 10. Sprint to next station. 

2) Jump lunges x 15. Sprint to next station. 

3) Single leg dead lift x 12. Both legs. Sprint to next station. 

4) Balls to wall. 15 count. 

Recover on jog to field. 

Push up pyramid with LBC to 10. 

Sprint uphill to fence between sets and then back down the push up pyramid. From 10. Sprint uphill to fence. 

Recover on jog to play ground. 

Pull ups max. 4 sets

Jog to park benches

Jump up with dip combo to 10

Mary (LBC x 40, Freddie Mercury x 20, 6 inch leg lift1 min. End with 2 min. chill cut plank).