While the ‘roid heads were at Roanoke Park and the artsy-fartsy folk were having a birthday party with Au Pair, 16 brave PAX were rockin’ out to the early-morning swells at Dawn Patrol.

The thang:

Run down a dark path to soccer field, circle up for Good Mornings x 15, SSH x 20, Merkins x 20.  Continue through woods to path entrance off Glen Eden, one-legged burpees OYO x 10, right leg.  Yes, they’re as bad as they sound, especially on the weaker leg.  Squat hold when done.  Continue up Glen Eden to corner at Edwards Mill, one-legged burpees x 10, left leg.  Squat hold when done.

Enter back into park and head to basketball courts.  Line up arms-length apart for:

10 burpees (both legs) OYO, windmill x 25, Sir Fazio x 15, mtn climber x 20, high plank hold, merkin x 20, plank walk left 20 yards, chilcutt, nipplers x 20, plank walk right 20 yards, admire puddles of sweat on way back, high plank hold and recover.  Ouch.

Head to picnic shelter for :

Jump up/step up right leg x 20 OYO, 1 leg squat right leg x 20, jump up/step up left leg x 20 OYO, 1 leg squat left leg x 20, irkins x 20, derkins x 10.

Paddle over to rock pile, pick a pet and circle up.  Drop rocks and move 3 rocks to the right for:

Curls x 20, shoulder press x 15, tricep extension x 10.  Move one rock to left for curls x 20, press x 10.  Repeato, then back to original rock for more of same.

Head to parking lot for Mary:

1 legged burpee right leg x 5 OYO, Freddy Mercury x 20, heels to heaven x 20, LBC x 20, 1 legged burpee left leg x 5 OYO, Carolina dry dock x 20.

Announcements and prayer requests:

Thoughts with Mud Run participants this Saturday. Be safe on the course, men.  F3Connect – great networking opportunity for the PAX – Wednesday 15th for lunch at Mia Francesca’s.  Look for tweets from Les Nessman or Costco to sign up or for more details.  October 25 – THE MULE – sign up to hard commit so we can adequately prepare.  Convergence at Pullen this Saturday, 7am.

After a brief commercial for the bluegrass (IBMA) festivities downtown this weekend, name-a-rama included a challenge to the PAX to name a band or musician that they were either currently really into or that was extremely influential in their “formative” years; input captured below.

A pleasure, as always, men.  Thanks for the opportunity.