We learned several things this morning at The Judge.  (1) Cinderella likes Alabama.  A lot.  Special memories, warm feelings for Cindy.  (2) YHC is not good at judging distance, at least not at The Judge AO.  (3)  Chong may or may not #manscape prior to Mud Run events.  Fazio volunteered to lead the investigation.


Run from the parking lot along the blue path to the lower bridge.  Partner 1 runs from lower bridge up the hill to the upper bridge that spans I-440.  Slightly farther than YHC thought between bridges.  5 burpees at top and run back down.  Partner 2 does continuous sets of 20 hand release merkins, 20 prisoner squats, 20 4-count flutters.  Switch and repeat x 3.

The plan was to then ascend the hill again and wheelbarrow across the upper bridge with 10 burpees at the end of the bridge.  Considering the aforementioned hill repeats took 20-22 minutes, and the “short” (mile-ish) jog from the parking lot took 7-8 minutes, an audible was called. Of course, the bridge was longer than I recalled so the wheelbarrow across would only have taken about a half hour, especially after what we had already done.  Instead, each partner does 25 wheelbarrow “steps”, then 10 merkins. Repeat until everyone had done around 100 steps and 40 merkins.  A good portion of this set was uphill, which made it extra fun.

Jog back up the hill to the parking lot.  Quick Mary of LBC x 30, flutters x 30, Freddie x 30.

Lifting up Orwell and his family, among several others with health concerns.  Amazing two years with F3 Raleigh for me, and it’s a pleasure to be out there with you people.