Fitty Cent

Special occasions call for a little something extra. Saturday, September 27th was no exception as 20 PAX went to a birthday party at Catalyst, and a workout broke out. A newly old man battled through some heavy mumble chatter to silence the PAX as they moved through Fitty of a bunch of different exercises:

The Thang:

Worst disclaimer ever, followed by a jog to the b-ball courts for warmup, including Fitty Side Straddle Hops, 15 good mornings, 15 mountain climbers, 10 standard merkins and 10 Windmills…that’s Fitty…with a LOT of mumble chatter.

Grab a rock…always good to see the exercise of poor judgement during the process…and do 20 Curls, 20 Shoulder Press, 20 Tricep Extensions, 15,15,15, 10 (at this point the mumble chatter had all but stopped),10,10, 5,5,5…that’s Fitty.

Jog to track and count off by 4’s…simple for all but Elsinore, who confused a 1 for a 4 and gave us a group of 6 and the 1’s a group of 4…but I digress.  1’s and 3’s go to the Fitty Yard Line extended on each side of the track, while 2’s and 4’s head to directly behind the goal posts at each end of the track.  Station 1 Merkins, Station 2 Star Jumps, Station 3 Diamond Merkins, and Station 4 LBCs.  Go to your corresponding station stay together the whole time and do 20, run to next station and do 20, run, 20, run, 20, run,15, run, 15, run, 15, run 15, run, 10, run, 10, run, 10, run, 10, run, 5, run, 5, run, 5, run, 5…that’s Fitty. Of each…on purpose.

Jog over to the hill behind the bleachers for bear crawl to the top, 5 Burpees, jog down, 5 Merkins, bear crawl, 5 Burpees, jog, 5 Merkins, bear crawl, 5 Burpees, jog, 5 Merkins, bear crawl, 5 Burpees, jog, 5 Merkins, bear crawl, 5 Burpees, jog, 5 Merkins, bear crawl, 5 Burpees, jog, 5 Merkins…that’s Fitty.

Jog back over to the basketball court and bring in guest Q Sir Fazio to lead us in a series of 25 of the absolute slowest and most painful namesake exercises…and reverse…that’s Fitty.

Steroid took back the reins to call for Fitty Burpees OYO. Much grumbling ensued…that’s Fitty.

Up the stairs to grab a wall for 20 count People’s Chair, 15 count BTTW, 10 count PC, 5 count BTTW…you got it…that’s Fitty.

Jog back to the grassy area with the big rock for 25 LBCs and and 25 Freddy Mercuries…that’s Fitty. and a six inch leg hold five count around the circle to finish…that’s not Fitty, but a 2.5 count didn’t work…and we’re done.


Prayers for Orwell’s Dad (and Mom and Family and Orwell) as he nears his journey home.

In honor of my 50th birthday, I looked for a verse about getting older and ultimately chose Job 12:12 Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in the length of days.

Use your experience for good and make good use of your experience…as I get older, I hope to continue to get wiser…and as Howard said at his going away “be a man of impact”.

Great way to start my sixth decade on the big ball…thanks for allowing me to lead.