After snoozing past his 0420 alarm for the workout pre-ruck – YHQ was in need of some catching up.

The Thang:

Warm-up: SSH, BWS, Arm Circles, Merkins, Carolina dry docks, move out…(w/ 2 slosh pipes in tow).

Running tour of Southern Village:  Stop to enjoy dips & derkins.  Divide into 2 teams (1 coupon per team) for Ussain Bolts.  PAX enjoyed a series of merkins, BWS, mountain climbers, step-back lunge, SSH, carolina dry docks & more.

Move out…  Circle up for Merkin pyramid (1,2,3…10…3,2,1).

Move out…  Attack the hill back up to Southern Village central.  1 burpee at top… 2 at bottom…3 at top… The clock maxed us out at 7.  SSH – then back to the launch site.

Circle up for 5-count plank all-around w/ merkins, Mission Impossible holds, left arm/right arm high & pike position.  Recover.


Oct. 10th GoRuck Challenge Chapel Hill.  Launch point TBA this week.  Spectators encouraged.
Nov. 1st F3 Chapel Hill pig-pickin & family picnic.  Look for an email soon to get a head count.