YHC pulled into the Root Elementary parking lot at 5:30 to find two Pax already stretching it out. Dice noted the pleasant temperature in the upper 60’s, minimal moisture on the grounds and a general upper body tightness from that (Dice edit for family friendly language) Pull-up-O-Rama brought on by Rain Man at the Jungle on Wednesday. To say I was sore would be an injustice to the actual soreness experienced by YHC the first month he joined F3 (I believe many F3 Pax know exactly what I’m referring to) – so today it was just a noticeable tightness and mild burning sensation while I stretched out preparing for a warm-up. We do warm-ups at the Recovery Road workouts – yeah, get over it.

Opening up at start with four, we were quickly joined by our RR resident straggler to number five today. Always dependable to show up 🙂

Disclaimer: No FNGs so the F3 silent head nod disclaimer. Wavvy joined the usual Recovery Road faithful at workout this am (Not injured but missed his usual Thursday post) Glad to have him – so the RR disclaimer given. If it hurts, stop doing it, if you think it’s going to hurt, don’t do it. Skip an exercise and perform an optional one that works for you. Jump back in with the Pax when we hit something you can do with us.

The Thang:

Warm Up:
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
10/10x Standing Single Leg Twist Ab Crunch
1010x Neck/Shoulder Rolls
25x SSH, Slow Pace
20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch
10/10x Standard Merkins / Wide Grip Merkins
20x Mountain Climber

Station 1: Astroturf
25x SSH, Fast Pace
10/1 Jack Webb
20x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
30 Q Count Plank Hold
20x A. Hammer (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
30 Q Count Plank Hold
20x Freddie Mercs
30 Q Count Plank Hold
20x Low Slow Flutter
30 Q Count Plank Hold

Station 2: Upstairs Tables
25x SSH, Fast Pace
15x High Irkins
15x Dips
15/15x Step Ups
15x Derkins
15/15x Calf Raises, OYO
20 Q Count Silent

10x High Irkins
10x Dips
10/10x Step Ups
10x Derkins
10/10x Cal Raises, OYO
10 Q Count Silent

5x High Irkins
5x Dips
5/5x Step Ups
5x Derkins
5/5x Calf Raises, OYO

Station 3: AstroTurf Mary
25x SSH, Fast Pace
10x MakTar Jai
20x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 4 reps)
10x Merkins
10x Wide Grip Merkins
10x Diamond Merkins
20x A. Hammers (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
10x Carolina Dry Dock
20x Protractor Crunches (45 degree 10, 5 degree 5, 90 degree 5)
Plank Hold to Fail (Cornholio sets new RR Mary Record with 2 minutes 41 secs)


Fridays – standing F2 event Happy Hour at Ridgewood beer starting somewhere around 5 PM (4?), rumor has it Epoxy shows up just after lunch to claim space for F3. Watch Twitter for details.

Next Recovery Road workouts are:

Disabled List: Monday 5:45 @ North Hills Movie Theater AstroTurf. Q is likely Dice.

Inured Reserve: Wednesday 5:45 @ North Hills Complex – Chuy’s Restaurant Grass / Midtown Park Amphitheater. Q will be Cornholio.

Lame Duck: Friday 5:45 @ Root Elementary Lassiter Lot. Q is open at this time

Prayer Requests:
Orwell and family

Cornholio and his medical follow-up

Tin Cup and his medical follow-up

Mud Run Participants – be safe tomorrow

Q thought for the day: Not much percolating around my brain this AM.

Wavvy took us out – Thoughtful words on how everything builds on everything else, not much exists in isolation. Good things beget more good things and acts.