11 PAX assembled in the gloom of North Cary Park. Burt arrived in a nice flowing blonde wig. We were all disappointed that he chucked it prior to taking off. YHC heard yesterday that Banjo opined that there would be no Burpees or Bear crawls today because Wonk was Q. YHC does hate burpees and sees no efficacy in the bear crawl, but the challenge was received and YHC laid it down, hate and all.

The Warm Up: SSH x 15, GM x 15.

Run to the BBall Court. 5 line suicides, followed by squat hold jump ups x 8. High Knee 5 line suicides followed by some peoples chair.

Around this time we saw RIO pull in, u-turn, and return to the Fartsack. You were noticed. Don’t do it again.

Run to the soccer field, do six minutes of Mary…feet never touching the ground.

Rosalita x 15, canon ball x 15, LBC x 25, Six Inch x 10 around the group, Box cutters (both ways) x 20.

pair up. partner one hold the soccer goal off the ground, partner 2 does a couple of pull ups on that same goal. Switch. Run to the other goal, do five burpees, bear crawl half way back, finish with a lunge walk.


Over to the backstop for some balls to the wall, WONK style. Whilst against the wall, do one push up, then five counts each of one handed balls to the wall. Walk it out, do a prisoners peoples chair x 10.


Sprint to the pavilion, find a bench.

Dips x 10, Inclines x 10, french dips x 10, declines x 10, dips x 5. incline diamonds x 10, decline low plank hold x 10.

Run to the sand courts. Lunge walk across one court, bear crawl across the other, lunge walk the rest of the way, run home.

Repeato!!! This time adding a couple of burpees at the end.

Run to home base, painting the lines as we went.


Great work men. Remember this: God looks at every inch of the universe and says “that is MINE.” Remember that today and find the Holy in it.


All Cary workouts now begin at 5:45am, as do most of the Raleigh workouts. Pullen is the only Saturday workout tomorrow.

Next Thursday 2nd F at fortnight brewery. 1900.

Qs needed at all Cary locations. Sign up online.