YHC had done his due diligence in signing up for the FZ Q, doing a bit of scouting, jotting a few notes on the trusty Weinke sticky note, and even dropping a tweet the day before only for the Site Q to show up at EC and start the Pax on the workout.  No worries, Yo Yo was quick to hand the reigns to YHC and we were heading in the same general direction anyways.  So, here we go.

EC:  Jog up to top deck via stairwell, across deck, and back down via stairwell to the island in front of Macy’s.  Yes, Dirty Bird, you found us -go park and bring your FNG with you to join us.  20 Jump Ups OYO, 15X Irkins, 15X Dips, 15X Dirkins, Repeato. Jog around mall making one stop for quick feet on curb X20.

YHC underestimated the mall lap so start time for the standard group ended up around 5:33.  Sorry men, but don’t worry, I’ll make that up for you.

COP:  20X SSH, 20X IWs, 15X Windmill


Jog to bottom of Belk ramp and into Jacob’s Ladder.  YHC aggressively called 10 ramp repeats, but called an audible to stop at 7 for many reasons.  One, too much fun in store to cut other activities short; Two, as Au Pair noted, it ended up a mental strategy to train the mind into thinking there’d be more than there actually were; Three, Fazio’s Jedi Mind Trick to reduce number worked on YHC.

Circle up at Fancy Restaurant Parking Deck for Plankorama. 15X (ish) each of:  Supermans, Peter Parker Chillcut, Mountain Climbers, Parker Peter Chillcut, Plank Tucks, L/R Side Plank Pushups, Plank Jacks, Low Plank Hold.  Repeated minus a few.  Recover in b/w with High Plank Hold.  Fazio did not agree with YHC that this was a recovery -probably right.

Jog around corner to NCMA Murals for Usain Bolts and AMRAPs.  Group 1 sprints down and back whilst Group 2 Star Jumps.  Flapjack.  Repeato except Group 2 does jumping lunges.  This sprint down and back was a decent clip and it was noted by at least one Pax that this was ‘kind of a long sprint…’

Jog back around corner for a backwards bear crawl down the ramp.  Plank at end, gather up, and jog to starting point for Mary.


20X Ski Abs, 15X LSF, 30X Merican’ Hammers, 6 in. Leg Hold till the shot clock expired.

Naked Moleskin:

-Welcomed several folks to our humble FZ AO this morning in addition to our regulars:  Dirty Bird from Charleston, Stogie from Charlotte (Metro), and Muschamp (FNG -introduced by Dirty Bird aforementioned).  Great to have you!

-YHC’s mind was cloudy (#smoked) by the end of this one and called a very confusing final Mary exercise….I think it was something like ‘next exercise is high plank low hold for six inches…’.  Luckily, the Pax knew exactly what I was requesting and moved.

-Mud Run tomorrow and at least one team needs a Pax to step up to the challenge and join their team.  Check with Gnard Dog for details.

-The Mule is 25/Oct.  HC on the Google Doc so we can have accurate numbers.

-Continued prayers for Orwell and his family and keep the mudrunners healthy and safe on the course and in their travels.

-BOM and taken out by YHC

Always a pleasure to lead you men and start my day right with you -T&G