Turned out to be a great morning for some “interesting” new exercises.  Probably for the best that there weren’t any FNGs to experience what unfolded at the Nutcracker.

Warm Up:  Jog around the side parking lot for a mix of karaoke, high knees, and lateral shuffle followed by hills on the other side of the school.  The remaining warm up exercises consisted of Good Morning x15, Fazio Arm Circles x15, and WWIIs x15.

Once everyone was good and warm, the PAX split in to groups of 3 for some partner plank exercises in a Dora format.  The first partner got in plank position while the second partner laid on his back and bench pressed the first partner by his ankles.  The third partner ran to the closest cross walk and back to then switch with partner 1.  Each partner rotated through the positions until 200 reps were churned out.  For the next set, same concept except for the second partner doing bent over rows by grabbing the first partner’s ankles up to a total group count of 200.   The last set consisted of partner 2 getting on his knees and doing a shoulder press by the first partner’s ankles up to a total count of 100ish.

Everybody had quite the laugh with the partner plank exercises and watching their shadows, so it was time to get the PAX back in focus over at the track.  Facing the other side of the field, the goal was for the group of 3 to rotate backwards wheelbarrows across and back.  The group rotated with the odd man out running to the long end of the field and back to the group to switch places.  Plank march until everyone was done.

Mary: Freddy Mercury x15, American Hammer x20

COT:  Wodfather’s save travel to Vietnam.