Segmental EB & Down

Whoa, what a crowd at EB. 29 PAX for this week’s EB workout and no parking spot in site. Large amount of PAX for this AO but we made it work and I stuck with the original plan. 1 FNG present so I fumbled through the disclaimer, and went to work in 3 easy segments:

Warm up loop- down entrance ramp, up quail hollow, right at the sidewalk that goes over the damn, and back to the parking lot.

SSH x 15
GM x 15
MC x 15
IW x 15
Merkin x 15 IC
Prisoner Squat x 15

Mosey over to the retaining walls

Segment 1:
Start with 10 box jump/irkin burpees
Run up up the sidewalk, stop halfway up and do 10 hand release merkins. Continue up the sidewalk and halt at wingate. 10 sumo jump squats. Back down to retaining walls, stopping at the middle again for 10 handy merks, and rinse and repeat until time is called

Mosey over to the picnic shelter

Segment 2:
Pull ups x 5
Left/right step up x 20
Derkins x 15
Box Jumps x 10
Rinse and repeat until time is called

Mosey over to the basketball court.

Segment 3:
Start on the sideline farthest from the hill.
10 Spider-Man merks/10 standard merks, bear crawl across the court, run up the hill and across the field and halt at the end. 10 alt jump lunges/10 jump knee ups, back across the field, down the hill and back to starting point.
Rinse and repeat until time is called.



-Welcome Tiny Dancer from F3 Carterico for his 1st post in Raleigh since moving here. Keep an eye out for this guy, although it will be hard to miss him. He already won F3 Raleigh 2017 with bringing an FNG to his first workout. John Moore was the FNG’s name. 2nd John Moore at F3 Raleigh. Friar Tuck came up with the name Jinkies. Don’t know what it means, but it is somehow related to Scooby and in line with Shaggy.

-prayers for PAX family member

-prayers for the neighbor to neighbor organization and families for the tragic accident from the other night

-thank you Tiny Dancer for taking us out in a strong word of prayer

-Great seeing some guys I haven’t seen in a while. Few guys off of the kotters as well(co-pay and leaf blower).  Love the EB crew and want to get over there more as long as work doesn’t get in the way. It is one of my favorite spots to Q. I’ve probably Q’d here the most out of the other AOs. Wendell Gee was looking nice and solid fresh off of his Aspen ski trip. Great to be back at EB. Thanks for coming out and look forward to Qing again



QIC: Chippendale
Workout Date: 02/27/2017
The PAX: Joule, Weezy, Co-pay, Huh?, Pre-nup, Soul Glo, Mustard Chili Onions, Vector Victor, Shaggy, Yoda, Teen Spirit, Gepetto, Apoo, Fazio, Vortex, Waldo, Plebe, Hitchhiker, Leaf blower, Midol, Hash brown, Western Stranger, Wendell Gee, Encroachment, Tiny Dancer(just moved from F3 Carterico), Friar Tuck, Pepe, YHC, Jinkies(FNG)

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