The name of this workout could apply to so many different situations. It could mean…Where Art Thou Riggs? To which the answer was…getting an extra 10 minutes sleep. It could mean…Where Art Thou Patrick Roy? To which the answer was….On Science Dr. in an empty parking lot.  It could mean..Where Art Thou, Seinfeld? To which we still don’t know the answer. Finally, it could mean…Where Art Thou Doogie, Floyd, and Flying J? To which the answer was….On frickin time at the top of the deck at 4:50.  This morning’s posting didn’t go exactly as planned, but it was still a lot of fun as 5 PAX braved their alarm clocks and arrived… different intervals….for their Tuesday installment of Floyd’s crazy Q.

Step 1:

Warm-Up: Durham Hold ‘Em…..renamed to CalvinBall because we just kind of made up the rules as we went along. Rule #1: There is no actual ball.

Two teams. Each team gets 10 cards 5, 5, 8, 8, 9,9 10, J, K, A(20).  Each team will decide what card to play against the other. Depending on the card, the other team has to do that many reps, or whatever Floyd tells them to do.

Round 1
1.  Merkins
2. Windmills
3. Jump lunges
4. Low Card: Sprints to the end and back.
High Card: Imperial walkers for high card.
5. Burpees
6. Russian hammers x 2
7. Low Card: Rest
High card: Merkin twists x 10.
8.  Ledge jumps
9.  Dips x 2
10. Decline merkins

Round 2
1. Low card: Derkins
High card:  Sprint to end and back
2. Low card: Merkins
High card: Rest
3. Burpees
4. Carolina dry docks
5. Low card: 5 pull-ups each
High card: Karaoke to the 2nd pole and back.
6. Low card: Run to end and back
High card: run stairs to level 5 and back
7. Arm circles
8.  SSH
9. Low card leg push.
High card exercises x 15
10. Speed skaters

Step 2: Ditch the Corkscrew due to: a) lack of time  b) lack of weights. Oh well. This exercise deserves its own Q. Floyd has vowed to make everyone pay for this. Muwahahaha.

Step 3:  Did a bunch of random exercises that Doooogie came up with. Including: Peter Parkers, LSF, Planks, Putins, Sarcosi, and maybe a few more. Good filler material.

4 minutes of Mary :
LBCs x 1 min
Heels to Heaven x 1 min
6 inch Raises x 1 min
Russian Hammers x 1 min

COT: Thanks Riggs.


Cotters to our new intern for coming back. He worked out with us during his interview day in December. We initially named him Patrick Roy, eh? back then, but renamed him Tijuana today.  I don’t remember his actual name, but does it matter? He’s an intern.

Floyd will be out next week due to family vacation. I promise at least two personal F3 workouts on the beach. Will likely get my 2.0 involved.

Don’t forget the main rule of Calvinball…it can’t be played the same way twice.